Blow, wind, blow.


Remember when you were a kid, how you used to stand in front of an electric fan and vocalise just to hear the funny vibrato the breeze from the fan created in your voice?

My kid has found much more dramatic uses for this humble appliance.

Erin has always had a penchant for re-enacting her favourite scenes from her favourite movies. Her latest favourite is The Little Mermaid, which, in my humble opinion, still packs in the highest density of Disney's best work in terms of music, voice talent (all non-stars and hence, people who really are qualified for the job) and story. And Ursula still rocks as the best Disney villain ever!

Erin's favourite scene from The Little Mermaid is the scene where Ariel, with the help of Flounder, manages to swim out to the wedding ship in the open sea to stop her prince from marrying the sea witch in disguise. Ursula, in the meantime, has been beseiged by sealions, seagulls, dolphins and a large sheepdog, and, in all the commotion, her necklace falls to the deck and the magical locket which held Ariel's voice trapped wihin is shattered. Ariel's ear-wormy, wordless refrain is heard, as her voice finds its way back into her throat while she stands there, stunned.

At first I couldn't figure out what Erin was doing when she stood with her back to our fan and started singing wordlessly, finally ending the performance by bringing her hand to her throat.

Then I recognised the tune (it's a little off-pitch but you can easily tell what it is) she was singing and it dawned on me. She was mimicking what happens when Ariel regains her voice.

Complete with the MTV-esque effect of windswept hair and dress billowing around her.

And that was today's edition of creative uses for everyday household appliances, brought to you by Erin Chen.
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I'm in a taxi with Eleanor and Erin.

E calls out, "Come here; put your head on my lap!"

She obliges, a bit surprised but pleased.

E then pats her head gently, cooing, "Don't be scared!" whenever the taxi shakes and rattles over road bumps. E is worried; the taxi driver's negotiating turns like he's Michael Schumacher on a death wish. The body on her lap quivers ever so slightly. Overcome with emotion, E cries, "She's scared!" then smothers her with twenty kisses in quick succession. "I love you," E whispers. "We'll go home and watch Ice Age, OK?"

We reach our destination. The taxi stops, and the tender scene comes to an end.

Eleanor looks up at Erin, and sighs in quiet contentment, "I love you too."

My squishy


I haven't posted about the munchkin in a while so here goes.

One of the things I love about Erin and which I hope never changes is how affectionate she is. She gets a daily truckload of cuddles and kisses from the husband and me, as well as her besotted grandparents and uncles. In turn, she freely expresses her affection for people, even complete strangers. When she meets little girls she likes, she will pat them and attempt to hug them. With little boys...well.

Let's just say that I foresee a lot of trouble in about twelve years' time.

This girl is already going up to handsome boys and kissing them! On the first meeting! Once, wthout even having been introduced! (For those I've told this story to, yes, this was the incident that took place in front of the rabbit cages at the Pet Safari in Simei.)

Somehow, I don't think shyness will be a problem for Erin.
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More About Erin


Okay, here goes:
5. The longest word in Erin's ever-growing vocabulary is "excavator".

4. Erin has watched Ice Age a gadzillion times. Luckily, it's a great movie. Better than Finding Nemo and The Lion King, in my opinion.

3. Erin and I have a new game. First, she winds her Dragon around her body, grabs the head with her hand, and shakes it at me with the fiercest growl she could muster, "Rrrrooaarr!". I then fall over in mock fright, after which we both dissolve into giggles. Repeat 10 times.

2. Another new game. First, she cajoles me into letting her watch Ice Age. I then say, "Okay, only if you can kiss me." She tries her darnedest to plant a kiss on my cheek, while I run away from her or pull my head back (when I'm carrying her) so she fails to do so. We both dissolve into helpless giggles. Repeat 20 times. Another variant: she comes to me and demands, "I want to watch I Age!" I say, "No, you have to pronounce it properly." Erin then enunciates her words, "I want to watch I-ss-e A-g-e. May I, please?" I capitulate. What else can I do?

1. Yesterday, she locked herself in the master bedroom, where we keep all our spare keys. She could not open the door, so we had to call a locksmith. She was quiet for a while, then started to wail when she knew we could not get to her. I was worried sick, even though Eleanor assured me that Erin would be fine. True enough, when the locksmith opened the bedroom door, Erin was snugly ensconced in the middle of the bed, with the quilt pulled up to her chest and a pillow arranged just so under her head. She was watching TV while sucking her thumb when she saw us. With her spare hand, she gave a little wave and exclaimed, "You come already!"

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We just bought Erin this bed from Ikea:

And we put these sheets on it:

The bed is currently next to ours, but the plan is to eventually move Erin into her own room across the passageway. Meanwhile, I am more than happy to have her in her own comfy bed (her cot was really too small; this girl rolls around all night and she kept crashing into the bars,) but still close to us all night. And the design of the bed means that all we have to do is push her bed right up against ours to ensure she never falls out of bed.

Erin, for her part, seems to adore her new daybed. She's certainly more comfortable; she sleeps more soundly and is more reluctant to get out of bed in the morning. And she loves making a little hideout for herself by draping a blanket over the side of the bed, wriggling into the little space under it and then playing peek-a-boo through the bars.

The bed isn't exactly what I had in mind, which was something more like this:

But it's devilishly hard to find decent metal daybeds in Singapore, and the Ikea one was very affordable to boot. I hope it lasts her a good long time; I certainly wish I had a pretty bed with pretty sheets like this when I was a girl!
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I love you


This adorable little sweetheart just said to me for the first time today, " you."

Excuse me while I dissolve into mush.
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Jurong Bird Park


Last Friday, we brought Erin to the Jurong Bird Park. The first things we saw when we got there were rainbow-hued scarlet macaws flying through the air during one of the live shows, and Erin squealed and yelled so excitedly at the sight that twenty people around us turned to look at her.

The only thing that excited her more than all the gorgeous birds was blowing bubbles and playing with water at the chiildren's playground. Predictable lah.

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